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Yael Ziv
"They always make me smile"

Just tell you that the earrings always make me smile, because it remind me of you. And they always improve my style

Leah Litani
Hasharon area
"Makes the heart rejoice"

The fantastic ray of colors elates the heart and does all the work!

Gila Tenenbaum
"Amazing and Inspirational"

Amazing and inspiring. Each one can relate to the colors and to the design!

Pnina Cohen
"Designed with love"

Irit's Earrings with their spectacular colors have restored the light into my face!!! I recommend them heartfully! Designed with love, and that’s the emotion you gain. Fits all face shapes. Thanks for the prompt delivery!

Ella Gutman Rananna
"Magnificent colors & perfect design"

Magnificent colors and a perfect design! I have 2 pairs which are on me every day. Love the way they look on me.

Dvoric Shabtai
Moshav Lachish
"The result speaks for itself"

Each woman selects her own color, the result speaks for itself!

Dorit Madmoni
Hasharon area
"You are the proof that evrrything is possible!"

Irit's Earrings contain the sparkling cool personality of this very special woman! If you follow her on Facebook immediately this would catch your attention. You are the proof that everything is possible!!!

Meira Goorai Raz
"I have accumulated many earrings in almost all the colors"

I have met Irit's Earrings the day I met Irit, 5 years ago. Then, the earrings where only distributed to close friend, and indeed we have become such.  Since then I have accumulated many of her earrings in almost all the colors combinations there are! Never leave the house without the, and I tossed all the previous earing I had – away!!! Today I am a proud owner of 50 pairs of Irit's Earrings!!! I turned into a tempted woman, I find the, irresistible! So… I love your earrings Irit, and I love you!

Hana Sagiv Kiryat gat.
"Beautiful & comfortable"

Recommend highly!!! Exceptional earrings! Beautiful and comfortable. A woman with the highest value of customer service, reliable and unique.

Efrat Akiri
"There is nothing like it!"

The color, the design, Nothing like it!!!

Einat Volkan Tel-Aviv
"Chic and Joy"

When a colorful talented woman combines her soul with her creativity, this is the result!!!

Every woman that puts on these earrings, will combine chic with joy!!

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