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About Me

Irit Digmi

When I am asked how I began my venture – "Irit Digmi’s Earrings" – I say that I am the kind of woman whose dreams fulfill her.

I have been wearing this type of earring – with three marquise-cut crystals, for over a decade. Every now and then, friends would ask me to make earrings for them as well, and thus "Irit's Earrings and Friends" was created.

One day I posted a story on Facebook about my earrings. The post got many responses from women who were interested in buying them. And the rest is history.

I have been asked – why this design? And why is it that I create jewelry only in this design and always inlayed with stones?

There is something in the drop of the three marquises, that look like leaves, that flatters every shape of face.  From my experience I have found that every woman who wears them looks as if the earrings were designed especially for her.

'Marquise' refers not only to the European royal title, but is also a unique diamond cut, which is widely used with other gems. In my earrings, I set crystals – which are made of especially pure and precious glass, and to produce the diamond-like effect the crystals are precision cut and polished.


I use Swarovski crystals as well as Czech crystals, which have a special shape and color that I really like.

The choice of setting is influenced by my morning walks in the fields around the moshav (village) where I live. The colors of the flowers blooming throughout the year and the seasonal changes inspire the color combinations in my earrings.

I also find inspiration in the different holidays and significant events in my life, which manifest themselves in the varied collections.

The earrings gold plated nikel free.

As one of my friends described me: "you are eclectic! You can wear clothes and accessories that seem to have nothing in common – and on you it will look perfect!"

Yes, I am eclectic, and my earrings fit my image and personality.

You are very welcome to browse in my shop!

I look forward to giving you the best service possible.

And don't forget to smile as you choose your earrings


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